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About Us

PrayanaFarm.com is the initiative of Prayana Hotels & Resorts.

The vision of Prayanafarm.com is to “Empowering the world to live a farm fresh life”

We are on a mission “to bring health happiness and prosperity to our clients, farm associates and stakeholders by converging the best of organic products, natural products, wellness products and experiential farm tourism on a single platform”

We think, live and breathe the concept of live life farm fresh. Our thinking, our efforts and activities are focused on injecting life to this concept of living life farm fresh. 

By a farm fresh way of life, we mean to empower our clients to be happy by selecting and eating the right food free of chemicals, toxins and harmful substances. We promote the best-known practices for cooking, processing and eating food and enable our clients with opportunities to personally connect with the farms, farmers and the environment to become one with nature and lead a mindful life. 

Prayanafarm.com e-commerce portal enables you to buy the best of organic and wellness products, buy and pre-book your fresh produce requirements for the week and obtain special discounts based on the volumes brought by the community you are attached to in the portal. Post the pandemic, you will also be empowered to book your farm visit plans and get exclusive access to the ‘live life farm fresh’ community.

In future Prayanafarm.com intends to globalize the concept of living life farm fresh and own and manage several farms and properties world over to drive their mission and vision.